Managing Your Wedding Photographs

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Managing Your Wedding Photographs



This screen shows the photographs etc. that you have taken for this wedding. From here you can add new items - photos, movies, audio notes and text notes  As soon as you create an item, it will be automatically uploaded to the wedding organizers folder.Simulator Screen Shot Apr 24, 2016, 7.14.03 AM

If you wish to delete an item, tap-an-hold an item for a second or two (called a "long press").  It will show the items with a rocking animation.  Tapping the "X" on an item will cause it to be deleted.  If the item is a photo or movie, it will be left in your camera roll - but will just be removed from this wedding.

If you wish to view an item - just tap it.  From there, you can view the details and change them.  This is useful for adding text notes to a photo or movie, or to change the items name.

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