Where does WooStories store the photos and videos?

They are stored in your own Dropbox™ .

Which version of IOS does WooStories work with?

WooStories works with any iPhone or iPad that is running IOS8.1 or higher.

Will I lose my photos and videos from my phone when I use WooStories?

Heck, no.  WooStories does not delete any photos or videos from your phone.

How secure are my pictures and movies?

Very secure.  WooStories take your privacy and security concerns very seriously.

Your photos and videos are stored on the iPhone or iPad that you used to create them.  If you share a wedding (WooStory) then the event and all its media notes are securely uploaded into your Dropbox.

We do not store any of your event content information on any of our servers.

Want to learn how to get started with WooStories?

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Want to learn how to Manage Your Photos and Videos?

Managing Your Wedding Photographs and Videos here

Want to View a Wedding Event Description?

View a Wedding Event Description here

How can I view WooStories Settings?

You can view WooStories Settings here.